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• [Bugfix] Disable extended master secret extension to allow session reuse for data connections (FTP-SSL) (#10276)

• [Bugfix] Ignore 550 error replies for STAT (FTP) (#10240)
• [Bugfix] Skip failures saving or finding passwords in credential manager (Windows)

• [Bugfix] Removed comments in codesign entitlements

• [Bugfix] Connect failures due to invalid codesign entitlements applied

• [Bugfix] Cannot edit ACLs and metadata in Info panel (macOS) (#10226)

• [Feature] Support for eu-west-3 (Paris) region (S3) (#10207)
• [Feature] Support for Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) authentication (WebDAV, Windows)
• [Feature] Save passwords in credential manager (Windows) (#9988)
• [Feature] Support authenticating with HTTP proxy (Windows)
• [Bugfix] Support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Object Storage (S3) (#10194)
• [Bugfix] Do not save passphrase for vaults by defaults (Cryptomator, Windows)
• [Bugfix] Application freezes for long time when selecting many files for upload (Windows)
• [Bugfix] Set modification date on uploaded files (OneDrive) (#10171)
• [Bugfix] Application hangs when selecting a large number of files for upload (Windows)
• [Bugfix] Do not save vault passphrase by default (Cryptomator)
• [Bugfix] Fix failures when attempting to read attributes of incomplete multipart upload (S3)
• [Bugfix] Reloading directory after enabling "Auto detect" in preferences does n