Windows Store Watch

Windows ストアを見守るブログ



New features:

  • You can share a blog by messaging. There is a share button on the bottom of the blog page.
  • If you only send a http URL by messaging, the app can recognize it as a link. And if it is a tumblr URL (for example,, then you can click it to make app navigate to the corresponding page.

Fixing bugs:

  • Can't share post by messaging after first sharing.
  • If open a post from chat window, the app doesn't go back when clicking the back button.
  • The app crashes if you open a new secondary window and close it quickly.
  • Duplicated videos can be saved from video player.

New features:

  • Now you can delete all download indexes or files permanently. You can find the menu by clicking the setting button on the download management page.
  • The volume for video player and audio player will be remembered every time you set.


  • Use temporary folder to store cache files so that the system can clear it automatically if there is no enough space.

Improvement for desktop:

  • The secondary windows will not be closed if you minimize them. You need to click the close button to close them.
  • The vertical scroll bar of waterfall mode is visible now.

Improvement for touch:

  • Re-implement the quick-reblog gesture.