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【更新】Slack (Beta)



  • Sometimes, the app would crash if you set the app language to Japanese. It now simply changes to Japanese, with no drama.
  • Emojis now appear correctly in the skin tone you’ve chosen.


  • Emoji Update: Speaking of Emoji, we’ve changed how emoji are rendered in the app. Given that this isn’t an iOS device, we’ll no longer support and display iOS emoji. Instead, you’ll see the emoji style native to your device, as is fitting.
  • (Another) Emoji Update: Slack now supports the latest emoji set — that’s Emoji 5.0 for those keeping track at home.
  • Private shared channels - (like Shared Channels, where two different companies can work together in one place, in their own workspaces, but private) are now fully supported on Windows Phone. And they’re great.

You can provide feedback just by tapping the feedback link (in Settings -> About) or sending an email to