Windows Store Watch

Windows ストアを見守るブログ



Fix 2 critical bugs:
1.If you set a PIN code longer than 6 digits, you can never unlock the app because only at most 6 digits are allowed to input.
2.If you turn off the option "Show recommend posts on the dashboard", you can no longer see any post in unfollowed blogs or search results.


  • Export all your downloads to a data file. You can use it as a backup file or share it to your friends.

1.Before uninstalling Tumblast, you must export all your downloads to a data file for backup. Otherwise, all related information will be lost but the download files will still remain.
2.If you have multiple devices login with the same OneDrive account, you can export the download data file to the OneDrive directly to share among other devices.

  • Preview a data file and merge it to your current downloads.
  • Add a button to reset user guide in settings page.
  • Add an option to disable quick-reblog gesture in case some users can't use the gesture properly.
  • Add links for "use tips" and "update history" to the about page.
  • Fix some crash bugs.