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• [Feature] Option to save passwords (Cyberduck CLI, Linux)
• [Bugfix] Failure parsing permissions from MLSD reply (FTP)
• [Bugfix] Signed links incorrectly URL-encoded (Triton) (#10151)
• [Bugfix] Passwords not saved in keychain (SFTP) (#10159)
• [Bugfix] Set modification date on uploaded files (Local Disk)
• [Bugfix] Allow to switch to authentication with private key in login prompt (SFTP)

• [Feature] Support authenticating with HTTP proxy (Windows)
• [Feature] Read credentials from AWS configuration file in ~/.aws/credentials (S3)
• [Bugfix] Slow user interface performance (Mac) (#9970)
• [Bugfix] Prompt for credentials when using public key authentication with agent (SFTP) (#10148)
• [Bugfix] Failure opening files in vault on disk with long filename (Cryptomator, Local Disk)

• [Feature] Support for DRACOON cloud service (DRACOON)
• [Feature] Support for Google Team Drives (Google Drive) (#9928)
• [Feature] Support for Joyent Triton Object Storage (Triton)
• [Feature] Support for China (Beijing) region (S3)
• [Bugfix] Allow custom endpoint with default connection profile (S3)
• [Bugfix] Unnecessary password prompt for connection (Local Disk)
• [Bugfix] Login where authentication is required with both password and one-time passcode (SFTP)
• [Bugfix] File not found failure when downloading folder form vault (Cryptomator)
• [Bugfix] Not possible to copy files between browser windows (FTP)