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  • Manage your favorites saved from tumblr!

1.All saved files (photos and videos) are displayed in waterfall mode sorted by saved date.
2.Five file type filter: "All", "Photo", "Video", "Static photo" and "Animated GIF".
3.Set tags for each file so that you can find it by tag group or search.
4.Create groups and add files to them so that you can easily browse what you like. There are two group types : file group and tag group. For file group, you have to add files manually. For tag group, you can't add files manually but they will automatically be added according to their tags.
5.Many features and functions are built in the context menu.(Right-click for mouse and Hold for touch)
6.You can open the post directly where the file is saved.
7.You can copy, delete or export the files.
8.You can enable the multiple selection and select many files at one time and perform a batch operation.

  • Add options to app settings:

1.Automatically save all files from the post after you like it.
2.Automatically like the post after you save a file from it.
3.Set how often to clear image cache automatically when launching.

  • The blog update date is visible for the following/followers list.

You can also sort the list by update date.