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【更新】Code Writer


v3.2 adds a lot of love for alternate character encodings, along with some other features!

Added: Prompt for whether to reopen document on a character encoding change.
Added: Use the last-saved character encoding when opening a document from the recent documents list.
Added: Create new document using current clipboard text via Ctrl+Alt+Shift+N.
Added: 'Bahnschrift' and 'Bahnschrift Light' font family options.
Added: .bas files open with Visual Basic file type.
Added: Dialogs updated with a style that matches the rest of the app.
Added: 'Settings/General' option for whether to reopen previously-open documents at app startup.
Changed: Open document persistence logic to help prevent session loss scenarios on next app startup.
Fixed: Explorer side bar document file name didn't update when changed from a 'Save As'.
Fixed: Command palette commands could execute twice when selected in a certain scenario.
Fixed: Previously-open documents that reloaded on app startup didn't use their prior non-default character encoding.

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