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Tweeten 4.2.1 is here:

  • GIF Search: itshappening.gif. We have completely rebuild the GIF search feature from the ground up to offer a cleaner and much faster experience.
  • Flexible Columns: You can now input any width for each column on Tweeten's Flexible Columns feature from the Settings page. This means you can now have a column that's only 50 pixels wide or a column that's 2000 pixels wide.
  • Flexible Columns: Reset all of your column sizes, and bring them back to their original size with a single click.

Improved profile UI

  • 280 characters: Tweeten now lets you bring back the numerical character count for tweets.
  • UI: Bunch of fixes throughout the app
  • Donations: You can now donate and support Tweeten's development. There's a new Donate item in the context menu and a Donate modal on the initial start only.
  • Improved UI for Retweet, Like from accounts, Follow from accounts modals
  • Removed Old Reply Style feature
  • Fixed a bug where the columns would move slightly after the app loads