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• [Feature] Option to disable auto-detect of vaults (Cryptomator)
• [Bugfix] Login where authentication is required with both password and public key method (SFTP)
• [Bugfix] Disable selection of client certificate in bookmark window when not applicable
• [Bugfix] Rename and override exiting file (One Drive, Dropbox)
• [Bugfix] Authentication using OAuth (Windows)
• [Bugfix] Failure to read attributes (S3) (#10068)
• [Feature] Provide URL references to Office 365 documents in browser (OneDrive)
• [Feature] Disable Bonjour notifications
• [Bugfix] Transfer progress stops updating (Windows) (#10042)
• [Feature] Allow to resume downloads (Cryptomator)
• [Feature] Allow to resume downloads (Dropbox)
• [Bugfix] Failure duplicating files (FTP) (#10049)
• [Bugfix] Failure with input prompt for username and password (CLI, Windows) (#10043)
• [Bugfix] Failure to detect vault when moving files into locked vault (Cryptomator)
• [Bugfix] Failure to detect vault when copying files into locked vault (Cryptomator)
• [Bugfix] Checksum mismatch when downloading versioned file (S3) (#10055)
• [Bugfix] Failure copying files in vault (Cryptomator)
• [Bugfix] Failure detecting vault when uploading, copying or moving files to locked vault (Cryptomator)
• [Bugfix] Default to WebDAV for http:// scheme in quick connect and CLI
• [Bugfix] Selecting multiple files to copy URL will only copy first item in list (#10024)
• [Bugfix] Quick Look only works one time (#9889) (Mac)