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【更新】Slack (Beta)



  • Autocomplete suggestions should now be better, or at the very least, more reliable.
  • Improvements to messages and channels to (we hope) reduce the chance of crashes.
  • Switching between workspaces on Enterprise Grid is now smoother.
  • The message editor was hanging around after having saved an edited thread reply. Now it goes away (until the next time you summon it).
  • When editing your custom status, tapping X (clear) now, as you may have expected, removes it.
  • Shared channel guests are now highlighted when creating a new conversation.
  • An updated direct message header when DMing a shared channel guest so that it’s more clear who’s who (and where they’re from).
  • People already in a channel no longer display as “Not in channel” in the autocomplete menu. Because, let’s face it, it simply wasn’t true.


  • Several spiffy updates to shared channels.
  • You can provide feedback just by tapping the feedback link (in Settings -> About) or sending an email to