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What's New

• Support for a top secret, very hush-hush, highly classified and very exciting new feature that we wish we could call by name, but we cannot.
• All mentions of “team” have been changed to “workspace” when referring to the app, though not when referring to the people in it. You create a workspace. You invite people from your team. Simple!
• You can now configure the language used by the spellchecker in Preferences to be the language you wish to spell correctly.
• You can now configure your delivery method of choice for notifications (build-in, Action Center, Action Center Abbreviated), in addition to being able to configure the position of those notifications (again)


• Fixed: A few rare crashes when making a call and/or screen sharing on a call are now, we believe, on the brink of extinction - or possibly, we hope, gone forever.
• Fixed: An issue where the app would hang if your OS reported that you were in certain timezones.
• Fixed: You may have been running into a `Something's Not Working` screen when waking your computer from sleep. Turns out the thing not working was that. So we fixed it.
• Fixed: Windows Action Center notifications were bright red for some reason: they are now less red.
• Fixed: Notification sounds would sometimes play twice. Notification sounds will no longer play twice.