Windows Store Watch

Windows ストアを見守るブログ




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Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug where some websites wouldn't open the app at the correct discussion.


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New Features
• Flagging comments now allows you to select a reason
• Support for a site's custom comment policy
• Button to open an article in a site's app, starting with
• Web-to-app linking capability from

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug preventing you from refreshing comments in a discussion
• Fixed a layout issue that would make the menu button unusable with certain phones (e.g. Lumia 1520)


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New Features
• Added support for Shadow Banning and Timeout Banning
• Performance and design optimizations to comment text rendering
• Moderators will now see words in their restricted words highlighted in comments
• Moderators will now see flag labels next to comments

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug that would prevent inserting links
• Removing banned users works
• Prevent restart popup from appearing the first time you visited your App settings
• Other small bug fixes