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【更新】Microsoft Edge(デスクトップ) build 16215

New Microsoft Edge features

Pin your favorite websites to the taskbar: Pinned sites are back! We heard your feedback, and are in this build you can now pin a website to the taskbar from Microsoft Edge! We???ll use the site???s icon to give you quick access to your favorite sites right from the taskbar. Simply select ???Pin this page to the taskbar??? from the settings menu in Microsoft Edge.


Full screen mode (F11) in Microsoft Edge: This build introduces a new Full Screen experience in Microsoft Edge. Simply press F11 or choose the new Full Screen icon in the Settings menu to take your websites full-screen. You can exit Full Screen view by pressing F11 again, or by clicking the Restore icon in the top-right corner.


Annotate Books in Microsoft Edge: Annotate Books in Microsoft Edge: We???ve added the ability to annotate EPUB Books by highlighting in four colors, underlining, and adding comments. To get started, select some text, and choose an option from the menu.


Microsoft Edge PDF improvements: We???ve added more highlight colors and the option to Ask Cortana in PDFs in Microsoft Edge.

Other improvements:

  • Microsoft Edge???s splash page (seen when newly launched) so that the color transitions more smoothly to the Start and New Tab pages.
  • You will now be able to close the Microsoft Edge app directly using the close button, even when a JavaScript dialog is showing.
  • We???ve added an option to ???Add tabs to favorites??? from the right-click context menu on tabs. Using it will create a Favorites folder with all the sites open in tabs in the current window.
  • New tabs will now animate more smoothly onto the tab bar when opened and closed.

    We???ve improved session restore behavior so that when a multi-window Microsoft Edge session is restored by clicking on a link (for example, from an email), the window in focus at the end of restoration is the one containing the new link.

New web platform features

New platform features:

  • Added support for advanced Event Listeners (???once??? and ???passive???)
  • Added support for CSS object-fit/object-position
  • Added support for CSS position: sticky

New JavaScript features:

  • ES2017 Shared Memory and Atomics are now on by default (previously behind the Experimental JavaScript Features flag)

Developer Tools improvements:

  • In DOM Explorer, merged the Layout tab into the Computed tab
  • Added Ctrl-Shift-I as a supported shortcut to launch the developer tools.
  • Ancestor Event Listeners
    • Inspect event listeners for ancestor elements
    • Group by Event or Element to see a list of events or list of elements, with the most specific element events first
  • CSS At-Rules
    • Styles tab will now display @keyframes for related animations (read-only currently),
    • Styles tab will now show the @supports statement being met for the given CSS
    • Styles tab will now show css from an @media in its own section
  • Console improvements
    • Added custom input filter and improved overall filtering experience
    • The command line input is now in-line with the logs view. By pressing Shift + Enter, developers can now move to multi-line mode and submit their command with Enter.
    • Optimized logging experience:
      • Duplicate logs are now stacked
      • Sources are now right-aligned
      • Added background colors
      • Added custom CSS styling of logs
      • Content is now wrapped to fit nicely within the console viewport
    • Added support for the Console.table API to visualize data in a tabular layout
    • The Console now leverages features and characteristics of Monaco editor that powers VS Code. This provides syntax colorization and a faster, richer IntelliSense experience in command line input.

WebDriver Improvements:

  • WebDriver now supports launching Microsoft Edge in InPrivate mode with capability ???InPrivate???: true

Known issues in build

Known issues in Microsoft Edge:

  • On some PCs with enterprise configurations, you may not be able to open PDFs in Microsoft Edge on this build. As a workaround, you can download PDFs and open them with a third party reader or the Reader app from the Windows Store.
  • Microsoft Edge may load web pages at the wrong scale factor (highly zoomed in) on some devices with high density displays. As a workaround. switching to another tab and back should resolve this problem.
  • Some PDFs may open in a cropped view (zoomed in) in Microsoft Edge, and part of the content may be inaccessible to the user. Additionally, input to these PDFs may be offset to the wrong location on screen. As a workaround, you can download PDFs and open them with a third party reader or the Reader app from the Windows Store.

Known issues in the F12 Developer Tools:

  • Console missing Evaluate as HTML
  • Unable to get property ???$_??? of undefined or null reference when executed command in Console
  • Console target dropdown selected target is empty after refreshing the page.
  • Cannot copy console item successful when clicking copy in context menu
  • Clicking on Error source will redirect users to the debugger (where error is originating from)