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【更新】Slack (Beta)



  • A crash that happened when trying to sign back in after having signed out while offline.

Fixed: No longer will the app crash when trying to send a /msg or /dm slash command followed any text that is not @username
Fixed: App no longer crashes after selecting Edit Profile in user settings while offline. Overall, there is less crashing in general.

  • Weirdly, you were able to start threads on Slackbot search results from /apps slash command. Basically, it's a Slackbot message that users should not have been able to start a thread on in the first place. Why anyone ever wanted to, we will never know.
  • Role descriptions in member profiles were overlapping their custom status. No more.
  • Some posts were missing data due to interactive messages not being supported in app. We've now made it more clear to users that interactive messages should be read on the desktop app.

You can provide feedback just by tapping the feedback link (in Settings -> About) or sending an email to