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What's new:

Update 3.2(24.05.2017)

  • Improved folders browser
  • (Phone) Now playing view:

- Swipe between playing song and lyrics
- Album art in background

  • Match app accent color to album art
  • Playlist: reorder songs, delete multiple songs at once
  • Share songs (and folders)
  • Ads
  • App doesn't lag if you load big playlist
  • Slightly improved app startup time
  • Fix: some songs were not found during library update
  • Removed build-in webbrowser and lyrics from are no longer displayed. From now lyrics are provided via extensions.
  • List of extensions available to download is visible in Settings->Extensions

Download FindLyrics to view lyrics directly in Next-Player.

If you're developer you can create your own extensions for Next-Player. Get started here