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【更新】OneNote for Windows 10:バージョン管理機能などを追加


Latest updates for OneNote for Windows 10

See what's new and improved in the May 2017 feature update, Version 17.8241.5759.

Print directly to OneNote

Send anything on your computer right to OneNote. Install the Send to OneNote app from the Store and then select "Send to OneNote" when printing a file. To learn more, see Send documents and files to OneNote for Windows 10.


Insert meeting details

ChooseInsert >Meeting Details and choose an Outlook meeting. The meeting details will be added to a new note including the time, date, place, who's invited, and more. You can freely add to, change, or delete any part of the meeting details in OneNote without affecting the original meeting notice in your Outlook calendar. For example, you can delete the names of invited attendees who weren’t at the meeting so you have a record of who actually attended. (Requires Outlook 2016.)


Page versions

Travel back through time to recover older versions of your pages. Right-click on any page, and choosePage Versions. A pane will open listing the different versions of the page. Clicking on each version will highlight the elements added in that version. If you need to restore a previous version of the page, select the version in the pane and chooseMake Current Page.(Currently only available on your PC or tablet.)


Select multiple pages

Use Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to select multiple pages, and then move, copy, or delete them all at once. You can even use this to create or promote groups of subpages.

Fast track moving or copying pages

Right-click a page and choose to cut or copy it, then paste it in your new destination.

Check spelling in another language

If you create notes that contain text in different languages, it's now possible to check the spelling in each of the languages. Right-click the selected text, and chooseSet Language to specify the language to use when you check spelling on your selected text.

Note: If you don't already have the proofing tools installed, you may get an alert the first time you select a language. Follow the prompts in the message to add the language.


Correct that accidental Undo

Redo something you had undone. It's like it never happened.