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【更新】Microsoft To-Do


Welcome to the brand new Microsoft To-Do!

We want your feedback! We've made it super easy for you to tell us what you think – just head to the in-app settings & you can suggest a feature or get in touch with us from there.

Thank you to everyone who's been sending through their thoughts on the Preview of To-Do! We've got a lot (hint: head on over to of new features planned, so stay tuned. In this update, we're making To-Do for Windows run smoother with fixes for bugs that some of you saw.

Some of you were seeing the app crash when it was started, or when a list was selected. After a couple of tweaks here and there, this shouldn't be a problem anymore.

For those of you using To-Do with your work accounts, we've also fixed some of the permission issues that were showing. With this update, you should be able to sign in without any hassle.