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【新規追加】Desktop App Converter



• New Desktop Bridge Creator’s Update feature support – If your desktop app makes use of the new Desktop Bridge features now supported in the Windows 10 Creator’s update, the DAC will automatically register these features in your converted app package. Some of the new features include: Preview Handlers, Thumbnail Handlers, Property Handlers, Grouping files by their kind, Public out-of-proc COM server support, Firewall Rules and Use URL flags. If your desktop app makes use of the new features the DAC still produces a converted app package compatible with older versions of Windows. The added functionality will only show up when your converted app is running on the Creator’s Update (Build 15063) and later builds.
• Public out-of-proc server registration (Packaged COM) – In the Windows 10 Creator’s Update Desktop Bridge apps can now expose their COM extension points to external applications. When running the Desktop App Converter you can use the new -PublishCOMRegistrations flag to publish the public COM servers in your converted app package.
• Cleanup bug fix
• No-Installer conversion - If your app is installed using xcopy or you’re familiar with the changes your app’s installer makes to the system, you can run conversion without an installer by setting the -Installer parameter to the root directory of your app files. The -AppExecutable parameter is required in this case.