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What's new:

Update 3.1(23.04.2017)

  • Internet radio. Browse stations by country, genre and language. Search by name. Add to favourites.

Update 3.0.5(19.04.2017)

  • Bug fixes

If playlist is modified outside Next-Player you can update it without updating whole library (open playlist and choose 'Refresh' from top menu).

Update 3.0(4.04.2017)

  • Album artist collection
  • Multiple selection
  • Keyboard shortcuts. More in Settings->Personalization
  • Extensions. For now, extensions can only provide lyrics.
  • Notifications. After you add song to queue or playlist confirmation will be shown
  • Option to ignore articles(ie.: a, an, the) when sorting
  • Choose and reorder menu shortcuts
  • New settings layout
  • Sort by 'date created'
  • Removed Jamendo Radio
  • Bug fixes

Download "Lololyrics for Next-Player" and view lyrics from directly in app.
If you're developer you can create your own extensions for Next-Player. Get started here