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【更新】Excel 2016(デスクトップ:Windows)

Latest Updates to Excel 2016 for Windows *

(Only available to Insiders at this time.)

Personalize the default PivotTable layout

Set up a PivotTable the way you like. Choose how you want to display subtotals, grand totals, and the report layout, then save it as your default. The next time you create a PivotTable, you will start with that layout. For more information, see Set PivotTable default layout options.


Insert recent links

Easily attach hyperlinks to recent cloud-based files or websites, and create meaningful display names for people using screen readers. To add a link to a recently used file, on theInsert tab, chooseLink and select any file from the displayed list. For more information, see Add links to recent files into your document, workbook or presentation.


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