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【更新】Microsoft To-Do


Welcome to the brand new Microsoft To-Do!

We want your feedback! We've made it super easy for you to tell us what you think – just head to the in-app settings & you can suggest a feature or get in touch with us from there.

Fixed: Did your dates keep changing by one day each time you set them? Yeah, that wasn't your clumsy clicking, it was a pesky bug affecting people in non-UTC timezones. We've squashed it now.

Fixed: We weren't trying to put undue stress on you by changing your today's to-dos to due yesterday. Now if you set a date for today via the context menu it really will show up as today. So… have you done it yet?

Fixed: Talking of undue stress, we've changed the "due today" label back to a calming blue instead of the red they were showing up as on your to-dos and in the detail view.