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【更新】Excel 2016(デスクトップ:Windows)

March 2017 Updates → Latest Updates to Excel 2016 for Windows への細かい表記変更。

Latest Updates to Excel 2016 for Windows *

(Only available to Insiders at this time.)

Updates for Get & Transform and the Power Query add-in

  • Combine Binaries – Ability to specify a sample file to use:

The Combine Binaries experience has improved thanks to your feedback. With this release, you can choose which sample file to use to select objects or specify custom transformation steps. The default selection is the first file found in the folder, but you can easily customize it.

  • Split Column by Delimiter – Automatic detection of delimiter character: When you split columns by delimiter using the Query Editor (Home >Split Column), Excel will automatically populate theDelimiter field based on what it sees in the data preview rows. If necessary, you can still change the delimiter.
  • DB2 Connector – Option to specify Package Collection: In theAdvanced Options section of the DB2 connector dialog, specify the package collection to connect to, within a given DB2 server. Note that this option can only be used with the Microsoft IBM DB2 driver.