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【新規追加】Disqus Beta


New and Fixed

• A new image uploader to make it easier to add images to your comments.
• Popups have been restyled to look more polished.
• Some other small design changes/improvements, including on article reader, new discussion form, and discussions.
• The help/about page is now more easily accessible from the menu.
• Fixed an issue where blocking a user would not block all their comments in a discussion.
• Fixed an issue where "Show 1 New Comment" would appear when you posted on a discussion.
• Fixed an issue where the profile URL would be erased during the login/onboarding.
• Fixed an issue where changing some settings caused multiple "Restart" popups to appear.
• Fixed an issue where the "Follow" button wouldn't toggle off when unfollowing a Channel.
• Fixed an issue where a user could receive multiple toast notifications for a single reply.

• Real-time updates in discussions. You'll know when new comments and votes come in, and even when someone is typing a reply.
• You can now share and copy links to both discussions and comments
• Improved the expired login experience, so you shouldn't see an error after 30 days
• Cleaner design for the article text reader
• Ads now take less space, especially on mobile
• Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred when mentioning a user
• Various small UI/design cleanup and fixes