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【更新】Microsoft Sticky Notes








  • Life just got a lot more colorful… well, your Sticky Notes did, at least. All your notes will now have a new shade and we've added a brighter accent color for the note that's in focus. We've also simplified our colors to make the app feel more uniform and a little crisper.
  • Were we bugging you a little too much about updating Sticky Notes? We really like all our new features in each update but we don't want to shout about it too often. If you dismiss the update notification then we won't be quite as eager to remind you again. But… you'll have to update it to get less notifications about updating. So meta.
  • You might have found yourself getting stuck in Ink List mode after erasing all your items. We've squashed that bug now.
  • Talking of Ink Lists, for you Windows Insiders out there, we've also fixed the bug where only one item was being recognized in the list.
  • Finally, we've fixed the bug that was causing you to lose your last changes if you closed the note just after formatting changes or using undo.