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【更新】OneNote for Windows 10

Current Branch にきたら試そうかなって思います。セクションの管理が容易になったこと、フルカラー絵文字のサポート、キーボードショートカットあたりが目に付く変更点でしょうか。

Current Updates to OneNote for Windows 10

See more of your notes

We’ve heard your feedback about the inflated size of the ribbon, context menus, and page list and have reduced the overall footprint of the OneNote interface, leaving you with more room on your screen to view and edit your notes.

Graph your math equations

Write an equation on any page, clickDraw >Math, and OneNote can now help you draw a graph.


Recover deleted notes

We’ve all deleted a note or section accidently. Now you can restore notebook content by opening the Recycle Bin. In your Notebooks list, right-click the notebook you want, and then clickView Deleted Notes.

Make notes accessible

Use the Accessibility Checker to identify and fix accessibility issues in your notes before sharing them with other people.

Save time with new keyboard shortcuts

We’ve updated our list of Keyboard shortcuts in OneNote for Windows 10 to include all the latest ways you can accelerate your note-taking.

Drag and drop pages and sections

Keep everything organized with a quick drag and drop of pages or sections into different sections and notebooks.

Organize sections into groups

Create section groups to make organizing and navigating large notebooks even easier. Right-click the+ Section button, and then clickNew Section Group.

Use full color emoji

Say goodbye to black and white emoji. Now you can express yourself in full color.

Note: Users of the most current update to OneNote for Windows 10 may encounter a crash when launching the app if they also have Malwarebytes 3.0 installed and OneNoteIm.exe has been added as an application to Shield for Malwarebytes. We will be addressing this issue as soon as possible.