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4.2 (4.2.500)

  • Updated mute functionality!
    • A new Settings page for managing mute filters can be found under Settings -> Advanced
    • You can now add keyword/phrase mutes here
    • You can now remove individual hashtag mutes from this page
    • Additional mute functionality/configurability will be added here in the future
  • Improved long tweet handling for streamed-in tweets (another day, another different way Twitter decided to do the same thing)
  • You can now RT and Like your own tweets (hey, who are we to judge)
  • Fixed potential mishandling of cached tweet data in some cases (unclear if this caused any actual problems)
  • Fixed a crash when loading conversations in certain cases involving protected accounts, and made this more robust to future changes on Twitter's end
  • Fixed a crash which could happen when using the "r" and "t" hotkeys in certain cases
  • Fixed a rare crash when sending a new DM

4.1.9 (4.1.499)

  • Images and videos no longer count against tweet character limits
  • Tweets that are more than 140 characters in the old counting model are no longer truncated with recursively looping self-links
  • Fixed a problem where the scroll position could jump backward unexpectedly when using the scroll bar or collapsing an expanded tweet

Note: Additional changes are needed to support replies and quote-links not counting against tweet limits