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Telegram Desktop

【更新】Telegram Desktop

バージョン:— Improved video messages: radial playback progress, Picture-in-Picture support, duration countdown. — Voice and video messages now automatically play one after another.

【更新】Telegram Desktop:通話機能が追加

デスクトップに通話機能が追加。ほんまかどうかは知らんけど、セキュアらしい。絵文字なんかも充実。バージョン:— Telegram Calls are now available on desktops: secure, crystal-clear, constantly improved by artificial intelligence. — The n…

【新規追加】Telegram Desktopバージョン:— Improved Emoji, Stickers, and Saved GIFs panel. — Bug fixes and other minor improvements.バージョン:— Send MP4/MOV files as videos that will play right inside Telegram. — Click on th…