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【更新】Telegram Desktop

バージョン: in version 1.1.18:— Autocompletion for emoji. Start typing :e to get suggestions. — Fixed a bug with forwarding messages.New in version 1.1.15:— Send **bold** and __italic__ text in your messages. — Get a share link…

【更新】Telegram Messenger

バージョン:デバイスによって異なりますNew in version 2.4: Video messages New Picture-in-Picture player for video messages (wp8.1). Download media from large public channels faster thanks to the new encrypted CDNs. Improved GIF support


バージョン:デバイスによって異なりますWhat's new:Update 3.7.2(29.07.2017) Updated Portuguese translation Update 3.7.1(7.07.2017) Updated German translation Update 3.7(6.07.2017) Improved color matching to album cover. After application upd…