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本日のセール:Nextgen Reader、Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition、Nebo

Nextgen Reader ¥300 → ¥200(¥100 値引き あと 16 時間 20 分です) Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition ¥3,150 → ¥1150(¥2,000 値引き あと 18 日です) Nebo ¥900 → ¥0(¥900 値引き あと 27 日です)

【更新】Microsoft To-Do

バージョン:1.3.1174.0Welcome to the brand new Microsoft To-Do!We want your feedback! We've made it super easy for you to tell us what you think – just head to the in-app settings & you can suggest a feature or get in touch with us from th…

【更新】Microsoft Edge(モバイル) build 15208


【更新】Microsoft Edge(デスクトップ) build 16184

Changed Fixed an issue where pressing F12 while the Developer Tools are open and focused may not return focus to the tab F12 is opened against, and vice-versa.

【更新】Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview

バージョン:デバイスによって異なりますVersion 977: • Bug fixesVersion 976: • RDP file support • Access the local microphone from the session • New sessions can use a non-English keyboard • Desktops can be moved between groups using drag an…